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Welcome to CRP - Capacity Requirement Planning

"CRP Capacity", is a free software initiative for the free manufacturing community.


The CRP - Capacity Requirement Planning, shortly “CRP Capacity”, is a solution that is targeted for manufacturing enterprises with discrete production processes. It allows the maintenance of resources, tools, products, production plans, and their interdependences.
In the present stage, the core of development is focused on data modeling capabilities in order to serve as a master data system for resource and product assignment information.
CRP – Capacity Requirement Planning, envisions a design capable of supporting the decision making process with maximum user-friendliness, interconnectivity, portability, and flexibility.
“CRP Capacity” differs from other professional solutions in its development model. “CRP Capacity” is a community enabled free software project, and will enable large number of people in implementing a solution to manage their operations better, at an affordable cost.
“CRP Capacity” is now in the pre-alpha stage with preview releases available regularly.


Master Data:
UI Features (provided by jMatter)

CRP Roadmap

Currently we are in the pre-alpha stage with a prototype available for download.

The target of the project is to provide a resource master data system capable of modeling following scenarios:

Development information

The currently developed object and entity model, information on the framework, and the applied development environment, are available in the documentation, which is distributed with every release, or can be downloaded from this site.
Stay tuned.